Cycling from China to Pakistan - Border Road Guide and Route Information

km 0 15 46 China to Pakistan Border – Kashgar to Sost Kashgar – roundabout- follow road past law courts – it eventually joins up with the bypass road about 3km out of town Shufuxian – largish town with shops and places to eat Upal – largish town with shops and places to eat. Once you leave town it feels as though you are really heading up the river valley, big cliffs, mountains all around and a few houses dotted along the road. You are likely to see camels and the colour of the rocks and shadows is fantastic. Around this distance there a few places to pick up water – one tourist place where they speak good English. Just after it there was a hotel under construction (2008) Valley starts to narrow – you begin to enter the Ghez canyon although the start of the canyon not easy to define. Lots of places to camp but none of them really good. If you wait to dusk – easy, or you could follow one of the bits of old road that are still left down to the river. Deserted farm building on right in large wide part of valley. We camped behind it. Family lives about 200m away, friendly. Ghez (2400m) Hot springs – can stay there Road finally leaves the canyon and begins at last to flatten out (3300m). It enters a wide high valley with amazing white sand dunes on the opposite side. The wind can pick up here and blows in every direction, sometimes good.... First of many villages calling themselves Buyunkul – food available..no shop Village to right just after bridge - shops Village – shops – 3400m From here the road follows the valley off to the left – gently climbing following the river Road starts to climb (3500m) Top of climb – North Karakol Lake is on your right behind hills. Easy to camp if you follow the old road and then nip off down to the lake. Lots of sheltered places. Prevailing wind on lake comes from the South. Yurts Karakol village tucked into corner by lake Road follows flattish gently climbing valley (possiby into prevailing wind) Road finally starts to ascend the switchbacks up to the pass. This climb is more sheltered but unless acclimatized it is really hard and dreary. Goes on for ever Top of pass (4070m) Tashkurgan 90 100 115 122 143 150 163 167 170 181 187 188 190 210 216 286 chinapakistanborder pakistanroadguide chinaroadguide

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