Route and GPS Files for Taiwan

Here's our route around Taiwan.
The total distance was about 600km with several thousand metres of climbing over the Central mountains.


Book - Taiwan

Book - Eastern Tibet - Sichuan

We made a book of our journey through this part of Sichuan. Specifically we cycled through the Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures of Aba and Garze. There are maps and some route information. We didn't make it for anyone else. Just for us, but you're welcome to have it. If you want to buy it then you can get it as a pdf with the link below.

The book should be previewable here: (be patient)
If you want the book for free the whole book is downloadable by clicking here.


Route and GPS Files for Eastern Tibet

Here's our route and all the places we stayed.

Here's also a folder containing all the fantastic maps that we used:
The fantastic maps from Gecko Maps - Eastern Tibet have also been scanned and their are some copies there if you need to print some out. Make sure you print the key I was too lazy to join them up.

Eastern Tibet Route

We flew to Chengdu, stayed with the lovely Sarah and Scott, two English teachers and then set off by bus to Songpan. From there are after a detour to Jiuzaighou to see the lakes we headed up and West into the Tibetan Autonomous Zone around Aba and across the high grasslands.
We then rode to Ganzi / Garze and then across towards the Southern Tibetan highway. From there we rode back to Kangding before heading back to Chengdu. Our journey was around 1700km and involved huge amounts of time spent between 3000m and 4500m. We camped most of the way, although hotels were also easy to find and cheap to stay in in smaller towns.


Cycling route information around and through KL

Here is a folder of route information around Kuala Lumpur:
It includes:
  1. Routes that get to the area where we live (avoiding all big roads)
  2. A route to the city centre on lovely little roads (gorgeous route)
  3. A pdf of the brilliant Bicycle Map Project for KL: http://studio25.my/map/140919_KLCTRMAP_S25.html
  4. Installation files for the Malaysia Map project - an accurate and detailed version of the Open Street Maps version. This version can be added to Garmin Basecamp software and then installed for free on any Garmin GPS
  5.  Lots of shorter circular routes from our house or nice rides that start nearby.


Leo in the Weehoo in Malaysia

A Sunday morning ride around the outskirts of the Paya Indah Wetland about 30km south of KL. In the park we saw some very large hippos up close along with a few crocodiles and then we went for a bike ride.


WarmShowers at its best with Darren and Cyndi

Darren and Cyndi live in an amazing house that used to be a Police Station, Fire Station, Law Courts, Council Offices and they bought it cheap and turned it into a cafe and their home. The judges seat is where they serve from and the witness box holds the coffee machine. They were super friendly and we had a great time there camped on their lawn, barbecued in the old police station, Leo got to pretend to drive an old council vehicle, and we got brilliant sandwiches and coffee for breakfast. Good to talk to, nice people with an interesting plan.

The Sherwood forest gathering

Leo wandering in the shallow tidal channel
While camping on the shore of Lake Quillan we met Dagmar and Scott who invited us to a gathering of friends in the quirkily named Sherwood Forest on the Long Beach peninsula. It involved a detour but was SO worth it. Communal cooking, campfires, music, fireworks for July 4th and lots of child friendly activities.. sandpit, swings, pirate ship.....and a brilliant tidal beach sheltered from the customary winds of this area.

Food was announced with the ring of a bell and the pizza oven was put to good use. There were rope swings in the forest and the chickens and dogs proved a real hit with Leo, as did all the friendly people.


Jelly fish collecting

We love Leo's desire to collect stuff he finds, but old washed up Jelly Fish weren't exactly our favourite thing. He kept asking us to hold them!



Big trees and big foot

Everywhere we go there are big trees.

And big foot

The coast

 Wild, windswept beaches with huge numbers of driftwood logs. Amazingly beautiful and atmospheric.

Leo loved it

The Spruce Railroad Trail

This was fun. A railroad trail at each end with a single track path for 4 miles in the middle. Great swimming, lots of pushing and 'a really great path papa' according to Leo who sat in the back helping by doing his 'push' face.