Pakistan - Contents

The Karakorum Highway Pakistan - 029
Crossing the border from China
The Karakorum Highway
Rebuilding the Karakorum

Suspension Bridge Walk
The Three Glacier Walk
The Karamabad Sisters and Hospitality

Irrigation creates life
The Baltit Fort
Lady's Finger Mountain Pakistan - 055

Buying Local Clothes
Gilgit Shops
The Gilgit Polo Tournament
Mr Baig and the Medina Guest House

Fairy Meadows
Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat
Silhouettes at Nanga Parbat
High Dynamic Range Photography of Nanga Parbat
High Mountains Everywhere
Mohammed Nour at Fairy Meadows
Riding on the Minibus Roof

Gilgit to Chitral
Road Guide
Route Profile and Hotels Pakistan - 150
Part 1 - Riding up the valley
Part 2 - Climbing higher
Part 3 - Shandur Pass 
Part 4 - The Descent
Part 5 - The Friendliest People
Part 6 - Great Light
Part 7 - More HDR Photography

The Kalasha Valleys
The Kalash People
Pressure on Kalasha Culture
Kalasha Houses 
Stuck in the Land of the Kalasha Pakistan - 221
Crossing the Lowari Pass

Lahore & The Twin Cities 
National Press Article
Pakistan - India Border Ceremony
Sufi Night in Lahore
Lahore Fort and the Badshahi Mosque

Pakistani Trucks
Gilgit Polo Tournament
Pakistan - India Border Ceremony
Sufi Night Pakistan - 174

People we met 
The Karamabad Sisters
Alex, Alby and their truck
Mohammed Nour at Fairy Meadows
The Kalasha People
Mr Baig at the Medina Guest House

Our Route and Cycling Guides
China - Pakistan Border Road Guide
Route throught the Karakorum in Pakistan
Route through China, Pakistan and India
Gilgit to Chitral Road Guide
Gilgit to Chitral Profile and Hotels
Gilgit to Shandur Pass Map
Route Map from Lahore to Kathmandu

Getting a Pakistani Visa in HK
Getting a Pakistani visa and onward travel

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