Mongolia – Contents

Mongolia - 09 Photography
Landscapes Gallery
On the Road Gallery
Our Route Across Mongolia
Google Map of Route
Ulaan Baatar
We've finally arrived
Our apartment in UB
MissionariesMongolia - 19
Crossing the Country
Mongolian roads are a bit different
Other cyclists
How gers (yurts) are changing
Half way and knackered
Road surfaces gallery
Defeated by Mongolian roads
Ger Hospitality
The way the roads change
Horses in Mongolia
Spreading sand dunes Mongolia - 27
The scale and pain of the place 
Some of the best campsites on earth
We finally reach Olgii
The Mongol Rally
The Mongolian border town
Yaks at the border
Border Crossing to Russia
Crossing the border
Stuck in no-mans land
Road guide
The Struggle
Half-way and knackered Mongolia - 31
Gallery of the terrible 'road' surfaces
The sand wins
Isa and her wind burned lips
Struggling to keep clean
The scale and pain of the place
Sunsets and Light
Sunsets 1
Incredible cloudy skies
Sunsets 2
Amazing evening light
Sunsets 3Mongolia - 38
Birds of prey
Food and Drink
Mutton, mutton, mutton
Cak Bum Ace
Road Guides for cyclists
Road Guides for Crossing Mongolia
General Information for Crossing Mongolia

Visa Info
Mongolia country info
Letter of Invitation with Monkey Business Tours
Letter of Invitation with Legend Tours
Visa Information
Getting a visa and onward travel options

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