Osh to Bishkek

When we finished the Pamir we still had to cycle the 762km between Osh and Bishkek. It took us just over 5 days and we really did some cycling. Several days we did between 130km and 150km and on the last we managed 165km. It was just getting easier and easier even though we were still climbing huge amounts. The worst day of the cycle was 69km continually uphill, with not even one small bit of downhill, climbing 2200m. This took us from Toktokul up to the first of the big passes before Bishkek. We even had to cycle 3km through the tunnel that shortens the final pass before Bishkek. The air was not brilliant and we were lucky to be cycling slightly down hill through it. After the tunnel we had an amazing drop of 2500m and some of the fastest roads that we cycled on all journey.