Getting a Mongolian Visa and onward travel from Mongolia

These are valid for 30 days, easily extendable in Ulaan Baatar and you don’t need to wait for the end of your visa to extend it. You just pay an extension fee per day up to a maximum of 90 days. Visa - Mongolia

Americans and Israelis get 90 days automatically.

Most nationalities don’t need an Letter of Invitation, but check the internet for full details of who needs an LOI as things change rapidly.

You get 3 months from the date of issue of your visa to enter the country.



Embassies in surrounding countries:

Mongolia Map China
There is an embassy in Beijing

Hong Kong
It’s easy to get the visa here.

Flying out of Mongolia.

China: It is possible to fly to Beijing from UB but you will need a Chinese visa, available with a fair bit of trouble in UB. You will need hotel bookings, onward tickets etc. Ask other travellers or check the Thorn Tree for advice.

If they are too awkward then you can always fly to HK and get a visa on arrival and then apply for a Chinese Visa there. Travel agents in HK are very quick to organise Chinese visas of various lengths

Kazakhstan: It is also possible to fly from Bayan Olgii in the far West to Almaty in Kazakhstan, providing you have a Kazakhstan Visa. You can also get a visa on arrival but you will need a Letter of Invitation, available for a fee from Stan Tours (David is very efficient) for a fee. There are other companies but most are more expensive .

See the individual country pages for requirements.

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