Cycling in Russia - Road Guide and Route Information for Trans Altai - Part 1of 2 - Kosh Agach to Biysk

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km 0 Russia - TransAltai - 1of2 – Kosh Agach to Biysk Kosh Agach (Кош Агач) Bread (Transit) Hotel (1745m) from here the road leaves town and climbs about 100m above the river, cuts a corner and then descends back to the river. The first 300km is roughly all down hill so this is easy riding...ALL TAR. The big river has a lot of sediment so side streams are mentioned below. The main river can also be filtered OK. Small village - shops Bridge as road finally reaches the river again – great places to camp or swim – could be popular at weekends Road leaves river – no chance to camp Bridge with clear water stream, just before the bridge a track leaves to the right – good campsites here with great views of mountains – hidden from road (1580m) Kurai (Курай)– part of it joins the road, the rest is further away. Shops 11% climb – not too long Road drops and there are good campsites Good campsites where road rejoins the river down a long straight fast descent. From here the road joins a canyon and follows it for several km Road leaves canyon and turns North away from the river until after Aktash (Aкташ) Aktash (Aкташ) shops and cafes up first tar road to right – nice centre, hotel. After Aktash the road drops a lot and eventually rejoins the main river valley (1280m) Small stream with clear water Chibit (Чибит) small village not much there. Road rejoins main river Good campsites (1175m) Stream with clear water from right Good campsites for next 15km Small village with cafe and shop and water fountain Iodro (Иодро) – shop with basic supplies Truck stop cafe and outside A frame rooms to stay in – no real village Dirt road off to left drops down to bridge over main river. Camping spot by bridge and on opposite side. Very little traffic. (805m) Inya (Иня) – Road crosses big bridge over main river – largish village/town Bridge over nice stream – clear water and from here the road hugs the left side of a rocky valley Great campsite on right – track off where you can see the huge grassy bend below you near the bus stop Official campsites L & R of main road as new valley joins the main river Track off to right takes you down to the river below the road for camping Good camping spot – difficult to get bikes down but impossible for cars!! Trees and grass Right turn to Kordon (Кoрдoн) (770m) this is the lowest point for a while now and the road leaves the main river and climbs up a side valley. There are loads of places to camp along this valley. Kulchigeni (Кулчегенъ) – (935m) shop opposite bus stop Road leaves river and starts to climb more seriously towards a pass that you can just see high above you through the mountains to the right Top of the pass (1330m) – stalls selling drinks and shashlik – from here there is a very fast descent for the next 10km Rejoins new river (830m) and road goes off to right and a few houses in the bottom of the valley. Track down to secluded camping spot right next to the river. Invisible and superb (1km down) Village off to left followed by a cafe/shop/truckstop in 300m 12 23 50 63 65 66 69 73 91 104 105 109 118 128 133 136 156 163 172 185 189 197 200 201 203 208 213 219 227 231.5 241 243 250 255 256 257 282 311 342 366 381 387 389 393 399 440 476 478 508 545 547 Turn off the main road to Onguday (Oнгудай) – town with hotel, supermarkets, bank etc. Centre of town Back on main road Turn off to Uchta-Can (Усть Кан) – two cafes at the junction – from here the road climbs slowly Top of climb (1715m) - Souvenir stalls and cafe – commercial campsite on left of pass and then very fast descent with great gradient for about 80km Shevalino (Шебалино) – shops off to left on parallel road Campsite on left – small restaurant. Up to this point there have been many small villages with shops along the road every 5-10km Good campsite to right by river Good campsite to right by river (440m) Good campsite to right by river (400m) Village with hotel Bridge over big river – many places to stay along this stretch Cafe on right Road crosses big river again – camping spots in forest on bank and track to get down Small village and river is visible again – along this last stretch there have been a few places to camp whenever the river and road are close. The rest of the time the road is too far away from the river and there are resorts along it. Souvenir stalls – birthplace of soviet writer/actor Shushkin – big hill. A road goes to the top where there is a great view and a cool statue. Nice food at the back of the souvenir stalls. Biysk starts – just before the big bridge is the left turn that cuts across to Rubsovtsk (Рубцовск) Bridge over big river – we headed over the bridge and then found the opposite bank through a park (to the left 500m after you cross the bridge) and then headed along the banks down a trail until we found somewhere to camp 5 minutes from the centre of Biysk (Бийск)


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