Getting an Uzbekistan Visa in Delhi

Where is the Embassy?
It’s relatively easy to get an Uzbekistan Visa in Delhi. The Embassy is next door to the Bangladesh Embassy which most Rickshaw drivers will know, expect to pay about 40R to get there and  maybe 200R if the driver waits and takes you back. Address: Dr Ramakrishnan Road, embassy area. They are really helpful at the embassy.

Times for Applying
You can take completed forms there between 10 and 12am Monday to Friday

You can pick up your visa supposedly at 5pm but it’s better to ring and check. We got ours at 3pm. Phone Delhi 2467 0774 or 2647 0775 to get the secretary.

You will need a completed application form, available from the Uzbek Embassy website; a photo; a LOI if you need one and a copy of your passport.

Letter Of Invitation
People from these countries don’t need a Letter of Invitation and can just go to the embassy: France, Italy, Belgium, UK, Latvia, Moldova, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Japan and USA.  CIS countries don’t need a visa

For the LOI you will need a letter from your employer saying that you have a job, dates of entry and exit (30 days max), copy of your passport. Try David at stantours online, who are very efficient, $35 for a LOI. You must specify where you want to apply for your visa. You will also need to list a simple itinerary and say where you are planning to stay. Stan Tours will email you the LOI which you can print out. Ours took 1 day to get.

Most Central Asian LOI providers can’t use Visa or PayPal, so to get an LOI it would be a good idea to have a Moneybookers account. Give yourself about 5 days to set it up, or a month if you don’t have online banking. You need to register and then they will remove a small amount from your credit card which you will then need to enter on the Moneybookers website when it appears on your Visa statement. This is to make sure you really own the credit card.


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  1. Did you get your Uzbek Visa the same day you applied? My Indian friend called the embassy in New Delhi, and they said it would take a week to process the visa application. A week processing time is too long for our situation, but same-day processing means we can go to Uzbekistan.