Fuchsia Magellanica

Alongside almost every forested road here in Patagonia, you can spot the beautiful red and blue flowers (there are many other less common colour combinations) of Fuchsia Megallanica, competing with the invasive blackberry brambles mistakenly brought here by the Germans to make hedges to protect land. What's really interesting is that it is more regularly known as the Hummingbird Fuchsia and it's amazingly common to see beautiful little hummingbirds hovering next to you supping on nectar as you sit near a shady hedgerow. At first when we saw them out of the corner of our eye in Ralun we thought they were large insects and then looked more carefully. They seem completely unafraid, like many of the birds here, perhaps protected by their speed and agility. Leo loves picking the little flowers if they hang low enough and walks around with them for hours clutching proudly to his little treasures.

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