New shoes for Leo

We're so proud, Leo has worn out his shoes before he could grow out of them which is some achievement because he's only had them 8 weeks.
He has walked so much in that time, every day just revolves around Leo-walking periods, up and down slopes, up and down stairs, along walls, along planks.His favourite is following paths which he seems to be able to do for ever. 

The other day we had the GPS on him going up a hill and he walked over 2km in one go, negotiating tree roots, rocks and steep inclines, and clapping himself whenever he felt he had accomplished something challenging.
We were just amazed at his determination to keep going, we just kept looking at each other and laughing. Is this normal? Should he be able to walk this far? He's only15 months old! He then demanded to walk again later on our way back down. We think he must have walked close to 5km that day. He slept for ever that night and ate more than me for his evening meal. What kind of a monster are we creating?

He particularly loves the fast feet he gets when he runs downhill and if he finds a good slope he can play on it for ever backwards and forwards until we manage to distract him and move on a bit further. All uphill slopes are just a challenge of balance to him and he gets so stroppy if we try and carry him to speed up our progress, or show him an easier route.
Isabelle being left behind by Leo!

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