Who are we?

We're a British and Canadian (Quebecoise) couple who both work in International Education and have spent a lot of time travelling, trekking and cycling all over the world. in 2008/9 we did a year long year bicycle trip from Mongolia to Turkey via Nepal and lots of wild places, which got us back to Europe from our old home in Hong Kong where we had been teaching.

A couple of years later, now living in Norway, with Isabelle 6 months pregnant, we found ourselves cycling from Croatia back home, via a southerly route through Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and then up to Estonia and back across through Sweden and Norway. We just wanted to ride home on a bike and we wanted some heat before our son was born.

The following year with our 6 month old son Leo we thought we should see Norway a bit more so we bought a trailer for him and cycled 2000km North through the central high mountains and along the coast and via the Lofoten Islands up to Tromsø. This was really good practice for our South American trip and was an amazing experience. We'd struggled to find a lot of information about cycling with a young baby and were amazed at how easy it turned out to be.

We were Warm Showers hosts in Norway after our amazing experiences with WS in Iran and as well as hosting lots of people in Norway we spent our four month family leave riding in South America where we experienced some more culture and met lots more friendly cycling people. In the summer of 2015 we rode around NW America before moving to live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where we now live, still riding bikes to work and across KL and still welcoming Warm Showers people to stay in our house.


  1. What an inspiration you are!!! Thanks for sharing!!
    All the best from Argentina!!!
    Karin Pringsheim

  2. very very cool!! tnx for sharing!