Sleeping in a tent with a baby

One thing we hadn't thought about too much was how much harder it might be for a 6 month old child to sleep when their is no darkness. After a few sleepless nights we realised that the only way to solve this problem was to make a tent within a tent:

We used a brilliant insulated groundsheet which blocked out all the light, two ikea bag clips, and a couple of lightweight coats at either end. It kept him warm and dark and in thre morning when he finally woke up it was hilarious watching him escape from his dark prison.


Phil and Ted's meToo Chair

This meToo chair from Phil and Ted's is absolutely essential for easy travel with a baby or toddler:

The chair gives you the freedom to go anywhere, stay at people's houses and just attach the chair to benches, tables or anything that you can find.

It also gave us a lot of peace as Leo could just sit in it safely and watch the world go by.


Book - Norway by Bike


You can read the whole book here with lots of route info, ideas and maps.