Route and GPS Files for Eastern Tibet

Here's our route and all the places we stayed.

Here's also a folder containing all the fantastic maps that we used:
The fantastic maps from Gecko Maps - Eastern Tibet have also been scanned and their are some copies there if you need to print some out. Make sure you print the key I was too lazy to join them up.

Eastern Tibet Route

We flew to Chengdu, stayed with the lovely Sarah and Scott, two English teachers and then set off by bus to Songpan. From there are after a detour to Jiuzaighou to see the lakes we headed up and West into the Tibetan Autonomous Zone around Aba and across the high grasslands.
We then rode to Ganzi / Garze and then across towards the Southern Tibetan highway. From there we rode back to Kangding before heading back to Chengdu. Our journey was around 1700km and involved huge amounts of time spent between 3000m and 4500m. We camped most of the way, although hotels were also easy to find and cheap to stay in in smaller towns.