Mongolia Visa Information

We got our Mongolian visa at the Mongolian Consulate in HK. They were very helpful but the only way we could get a visa was to tell them our complete route from Mongolia to the UK - which got a bit tedious writing it out.

We also had to write a letter (helped by one of the staff) saying what we were doing in Mongolia and why we wanted to go there 'We are proud to start our journey in the historic city of Ulaan Baatar'

Here's the visa:

We were given one month but we will have to extend that by one month as soon as we arrive as we calculate that it will take us just over a month to cycle the 1400km to the border - with breaks for relaxing etc. Apparently the wind is likely to be blowing against us for most of the route which after rifding the Pamir highway the wrong way last year we are slightly dreading - we had times where we had to pedal to go down quite steep Tajik hills.

We have been told that the renewal process can be quite slow but that it is possible.

If you look at the visa form (available in the files section on the home page) it seems as though you need visas for the exit country before applying but we didn't have any problems in HK. We have insurance but this wasn't checked despite the suggestion that we must have it. We will update in the comments about the renewal process in Ulaan Baatar.


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