Russian Visa application

We managed to get our Russian visa in HK with the help of a local tour company that is situated really close to the Russian Consulate:

Room 2124, 21/F., Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3521 0688 Fax: (852) 3521 0650
E-mail: in@cistour.com
E-mail: out@cistour.com
Web-site: www.cistour.com

We spent ages going back and forth to the Russian consulate trying to find out what they wanted us to do and being told that we wouldn't be allowed in (4 hours in freezing air con, the clerk had huge tattooed arms which really helped with the atmosphere and everyone spoke in gruff disinterested voices and basically ignored us) and then just as we were about to give up and make a new plan we were told that despite all the difficulties, if we gave the tour company HK$ 1700 (about US$250)we could have a visa the following day.

We had no letter of invitation although they are available from the Way to Russia website and we didn't need to buy the insurance that we'd been told was essential.

We had hours of telling them that as we weren't going to a hotel we couldn't get a hotel voucher - they even suggested we cycled to Moscow so that we could have a voucher. Cyclists just don't fit the rules!

Here's our visa:

The visa surprisingly gives us an earliest entry date and a latest exit date - we didn't need Kazakh visas for the onward journey either - I think they just got sick of us and gave up caring (although the money obviously helped)

We will update our experience in the comments.


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