Cycling in Iran – Crossing the desert from Mashhad to Yazd - 950km

IMG_3796-1 We would thoroughly recommend to anyone who fancies a bit of a challenge to cycle the 950km route between Mashhad and Yazd through the desert which crosses 6 ranges of mountains with large salty desert plains separating them, and climbs in total about 7000m over the 9-12 days that it takes to complete the journey.

We heard about it from the Travelling Two’s website and have made a couple of guides to help anyone who wants to ride it. Click on the links below to see them and download them:
Route Profile – 1 side of A4 paper
Route Guide – 3 sides of A4
It’s not easy, and heat, wind and the lack of water for long distances makes it hard work but the scenery is spectacular and camping is easy. If you like a regular shower then you probably shouldn’t bother unless you can make do with a 1.5 litre plastic water bottle special!

Here’s a short slideshow that should give you an idea of what to expect:

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