English lessons in Iran – a great travelling experience

IMG_3694In Neyshabur, Masoud asked us to come to his English lesson one night, we weren’t  sure what to expect but in the end had a really good experience.

It was partly about helping the class practice their English but what was really interesting for us was the things they wanted to know about our world compared to theirs……


The teacher was lovely and spoke really good English, as did most of the class, she’s obviously doing a good job:

They started off with the obvious questions:

What do you think of Iran?

Where are you from?

How old are you?

But very quickly the questions became more interesting:

How do boys and girls meet in your country?

Is it true that many people don’t get married?

If you have a party where do you have it and how many people go?

What do you think of our government?

What religion are you? (Devout Atheist went down well)

Where would be the best place to live in the world?

IMG_3695 We stayed about an hour and the questions kept coming and eventually the teacher had to tell everyone to go home.


We had our pictures taken and off we went back to the sports institute for our night in the dormitory.

Another great evening in Iran!



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