Staying with Sasan Azidi – Isabelle gets a Make-over

IMG_0057We left Yazd for Shiraz following an amazing mountain road over some high passes (2500m). Half way there lives a farmer who before the revolution was a competitive cyclist.
His name is Sasan and his family have a large farm where he grows, apricots, plums, grapes, pomegranate and wheat. He also has free range chickens and a few goats and sheep.

His father was one of the Shah’s secret police but unfortunately died only 4 weeks ago so despite hearing lots about him on the internet and from other cyclists we didn’t get a chance to meet him.

Sasan’s nieces are all hairdressers and were visiting for the day so Isabelle was taken away for a makeover which was done full Iranian style with all the subtlety of a punch in the face.

They were lovely but had some very funny ideas about Europe and the States thinking that compared to Iran everywhere else was like living in paradise and that no-one ever has any problems and that everyone has all the plastic surgery they could ever dream of. We’d like to thank Sasan and his family for the lovely food and the great hospitality that they showed us, everyone was so friendly and his 16 year old son’s English will be fantastic if he keeps getting practice with tourists. Sasan is a wonderful character and most of his views are unprintable which makes for some entertaining conversations.

As for Isabelle, doesn’t she look lovely, so natural!!
Please comment if you have any opinions or would like me to send you copies.


  1. oh my Goodness!! I swear I can't stop laughing!!! I have NEVER seen make-up on you Isa... especially not of this kind... I'm kinda speechless... it just doesn't look like you ROFLMFAO

  2. Rolf-Peter Lacher30 May 2009 at 21:37

    In 1997 I cycled from Shiraz to Isfahan.Near Persepolis a lady stopped me to tell me that there is a cousin of her in Abadeh who likes to invite foreigners.Two days later Sasan's father shouted:Hello Mister, you are the German bicyclist we are waiting for.Then I met Sasan and his family. It was wonderful.Do you know Sasan's e-mail address?
    Good luck whereever you are.
    Rolf (rplacher@yahoo.de)