We’re getting addicted to English Lessons

IMG_0153We met Ali (front left) on the street in Shiraz who helped us all day getting visa extensions and posting things home.

He was an 18 year old student who just wanted to practice his English and in the early evening we went to his twice weekly English class to see his class and because we so miss being in the classroom.


Again it was a great experience so we thought we’d post some of the pictures for the classes to see. Next time we want to visit an all girls class.  Thanks to Ali we had a much easier day than expected and some great discussions.


All the students were really nice and had interesting things to say even if sometimes it wasn’t easy to explain ourselves. Isabelle will never be convinced by anyone that wearing a head scarf is a good idea to help protect her virtue, but apart from that the conversations were all good and the teachers really helpful.

I’d just forgotten how much fun being in the classroom can be.

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