We've become Born Again

The first night we arrived in our gorgeous flat we had a very quiet Korean guy there as well, who just lay on a bed reading the bible. We started chatting and he very kindly gave us some small comics to read (he'd got them all the way from America)

We learned how God carries a video camera (a bit like us) and films everything that everyone does and that he knows about everything (he must have so many cameras - maybe that's what's going on in the UK with all the CCTV cameras)

We also discovered that we've been educated wrongly and that God made everything too, including the stars and my mum and dad....WOW!!!! He sounds so cool. Evolution is nonsense apparently. I wish someone had told me about him before. It all seems so simple now.

The best bit is that when we die we can all go and live in heaven with GOD. When I get there I'm going to live with all my friends all around me.

Mongolia seems full of these really nice Christians - they're here to help the local people with their education which is so nice of them. Apparently most of them come from Korea or Utah in America and they always go to try and educate the people in the most trouble, especially the starving and homeless. They bring lots of comics and give them out for free. Often they drive around in big Toyota Landcruisers looking for people who need help even right out in the country.

The nice Korean left to go to help the people of China...we will miss him.

When we get to heaven


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