We're in the Pakistan National Press

On the way into Rawalpindi from Islamabad, we got stopped at some traffic lights by a reporter and his photographer. We pulled in and were then interviewed while a load of people gathered around to watch.

The next day we were in the paper and virtually our whole story was made up. The only thing they got right was our names and the fact that we started in Mongolia.

We were never scared, we never had 4 punctures. Don't believe what you read in the papers. Be a critical thinker!!!

Today we got asked to sign the article by the hotel owner who has mounted it on the wall in his office. Then another couple of local people came to see us and asked for us to sign their copy too. It was a bit embarassing, but very funny.


  1. I'm not so bothered about the liberties taken with the number of punctures you've suffered or even the emotions you've faced...

    "32 year old Simon Taylor" ?!

    Nice try xx

  2. Ha ha. I spotted that too! :P

  3. "the bikers conveyed the message of peace and love"

  4. That newspaper writer's name is apparently Sardar Heera, but it should be Harda Hearing.

  5. The age part 32 and 24 probably isn't the "make up", I am sure that's what you told them.