Travelling with a teething baby

Leo is teething at the moment and it is just a nightmare for us and for him. He can't eat properly and has consequently become lethargic, moany, clingy and worst of all very little fun. Oh, he doesn't sleep very well either! Not something easy to deal with while camping or staying in hosteria. Sitting up for a couple of hours in the night playing 'Baby Einstein - Animal Expedition' is not my idea of a fun activity at 3am

It's so sad to have lost such a fun little man and to have found a horrible, whinging child who goes limp and lies on the ground crying if anything doesn't quite go his way. He used to laugh, stand up and clap when he fell over, now we have to pick him up and comfort him. It's quite disgusting.

Mealtimes are where we sit and hope he eats something to give him some energy and make our life easier, and every morning is full of hope that his swollen gums are a little better. He seems to have teeth erupting everywhere, molars, premolars, canines......probably even wisdom teeth at the rate he seems to be growing them. His mouth is sometimes bloody which doesn't exactly help with his tired, moany look!

We know it will pass, but with all this rain and snow and cold weather we have been having recently, sunny Chile just a few km away looks very enticing. 

Come on Leo, come back to us soon please!

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