Cycle Touring - The best touring bicycles?

Our Koga Miyata bikes arrived from Holland via the UK in 2005 with super special handlebars to allow us to move our hands around, plus front and rear panniers. They're just the most gorgeous bikes ever, completely designed for long distance touring. We intend to cycle from HK back to the UK some time in the future and we need to get a bit of experience first (only a bit)

Simon's Bike

Isa's Bike

We have cycled around Lamma quite a bit and know a bit about basic maintenance, we have spare spokes and other tools but it's proving very difficult to get anything useful in HK as no-one cycles anywhere. Simon's is last year's model and appreciably cheaper.

Since this original post we've cycled the Pamir Highway and feel we know what we're doing. The bikes have been fantastic...in fact after 1500km on appalling dirt roads the only thing that wore out was the side wall of one of my rear tires. This happened as we entered Osh in Kyrgyzstan - the only place for about 500km with a bike shop.


  1. The situation for bikes in HK is getting better - there are still very few places where you could get touring tyres, so you would have to compromise.

    The best shop is Flying Ball in Mongkok: http://www.flyingball.com/

    If Mr Lee - the owner is there then you will get the most brilliant service - he is a very friendly and helpful guy.

    They struggle to order anything for you, they tend to get a few shipments a year and leave it to you to order what you want, although they would listen to ideas.

  2. FYI - On my screen the description and link to the bike shop are invisible - grey text on grey background.
    The link becomes visible in a pale orangey colour if you mouse over it.

    And thanks for the photos!