Mongolia visa - letter of invitation with Legend Tours

Legend Tours offer an invitation letter service for Mongolia - I am in the process of getting one with them and will update to say how well it goes: http://www.legendtour.ru/eng/mongolia/invitation.shtml



  1. Legend tours offered to give us a letter of invitation at a cost of $25 but told us that we would only be able to get a 1 month visa with it.....

    We took this to be a bit of a scam because you can get a one month visa with no letter of invitation.

    If anyone finds anywhere to get a letter of invitation from outside Mongolia please post it in the comments here.

  2. It's not a scam, Lonely planet etc. have outdated information, now you need an invitation

  3. I'm afraid that you are completely mistaken!!

    I am in Mongolia with no letter of invitation. It is definitely not needed for 1 month and you can easily extend your visa by 30 days once in the country - as I have done.

    A letter of invitation is needed for a visa to be issued that is for longer than 1 month to start with, but as the extension is so easy it seems pointless unless you want to spend longer than 2 months in Mongolia.

    I've no idea what Lonely Planet says but I know that Legend Tours is not offering anything - just ripping people off with it's $25 letter of invitation.

  4. Depends where you are buying your visa (and maybe your nationality).

    The Mongolian consulate in Moscow won't accept a visa application without an invitation letter (I'm a UK passport holder).