Who are we?

We're a married couple from the UK and Canada who have been living in HK and working as teachers at an international school for the last four years. Until we came to HK we spent a lot of time travelling but we've based ourselves in HK and seen most of Asia in our shorter holidays. Isa has always wanted to cycle a long route somewhere in the world so that's what we're doing. She's the ideas person, I just do what she says. We would probably have stayed in HK but for the pollution which gives me 3 months of migraines every October-December which miraculously stop when we leave HK and start again as we land at the aiport.

We met while trekking in Nepal in 2001 and spent 3 months there. Before we came to HK we also did a Trans Africa trip via West Africa over an 8 month period, walked the GR11 in Spain from the Med to the Atlantic, the GR54 (the hardest trek ever - 25000m ascent in 3 weeks)in France.

Simon and Isa in Lakang Sumdo

Since we came to HK, we've trekked in Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Zanskar and Ladakh, Cambodia and even had a month walking the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Isa teaches and tutors French and I teach Physics, General Science and Theory of Knowledge. When we've finished this journey we're going to have babies and live happily ever after (maybe)

Simon Taylor and Isabelle Bedard

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  1. Simon Taylor, well bugger me there's a name from the past.

    Stumbled on this while bored at work reminiscing about a trip we did to china / mongolia a few years ago.... prior to having a nipper.

    This is Mark Savage from uni.... short fella, crap at physics but a genius at question spotting.

    Good luck with the trip and if you pass through south east UK on the way back pop in for a beer.