Christ Almaty

Almaty is a posh place...a really nice city with lots of trees and wide streets with some cool buildings and lots of parks. The whole city slopes downhill from about 900m to 600m above sea level so cycling is really easy one way. Life is quite expensive here - there's so much money from oil that you can still see Hummers and ridiculous gaz guzzling 4 wheel drive monsters everywhere. Kids go to the private schools with bodyguards and anyone with money seems scared they're going to be robbed, with fences surrounding their properties and security guards. You get the feeling that the wealth needs to be distributed a little more fairly before they can all get on with living more relaxed lives.

This is a fantastic church in the centre of Paniflov Park:
Church in centre of Almaty's Panfilov park (by Yodod)
The British Kazakhstan UniversityBritish Kazakhstan University in Almaty (by Yodod)
Another cool church:
Cool domed roof in Panfilov Park (by Yodod)


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