Cycling in Russia - Road Guide and Route Information for Trans Altai - Part 2of 2 - Biysk to Rubsovsk

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km 0 2 19 24 33 38 49 51 69 74 75 87 90 102 113 115 116 127 129 130.5 142 144 148 153 159 170 176 177 190 192 199 200 207 215 220 226 227 228 229 231 235 236 238 Russia - TransAltai - 2of2 – Biysk to Rubsovtsk Hotel Centrale – Biysk (Бийск) Go over bridge and turn right down signposted road Bridge over main river Roundabout – go right Town: Смоменское. Turn right towards Ануйское. Follow this road which bypasses the main village Bridge over river (campsites around) Town: Ануйское Bridge but no moving water in late August Beginning of town: Хлеборобное – off to right Big red bridge over river Верх-Ануйское – shop on right Left turn just after village of Новолокровка, road cuts back on itself and winds back past the village. Small shop Village of: Лаутово – long and spread out Town: Николокровка – shop in centre Road climbs to plateau At this point there is a great left turn track down to the river under the telegraph poles. Very secluded (about 1km to river) Road splits – keep on main track (bare right) other one signposted to Aлексеевка Road bends right – straight on is Петропавловское and the town centre – shops, cafe etc. The bypass stays right but the road through town is fine...go to end, turn right and follow most obvious road to the right of Lenin and back onto the main bypass road. Rejoins bypass road – two shops by the hospital Antonievka – shop near the road Road becomes gravel as you leave the village Top of hill Михайловка starts on right – best road is the dirt road next to the main road. To find shops leave the road Tractor track and village finish Top of pass and left turn to Слюдянка. Go straight on Огни Shop on main road – good selection of stuff Village of Новокалманка starts (so does the tar) Turn left at junction (Tar) Top of pass (1km long flat and then small rise) Turn right signposted Краcнощеково Descent to small village of Ермачиха After long descent arrive at beginning of Верх Камышенка – road bends left and then there is a 2km gap before the main village Climb to right and road bends NW as it leaves the village Top of climb (500m) At crest of hill there is a row of poplars on the right and a track to the left of them. We turned off to camp We camped between the rows of poplars – ground quite good after brief clearing session Back on main road Bridge at bottom of valley – no running water in river Березовка starts – bits of tar Straight on signposted Kyрья (road bends left) follow sign. Road continues through village – friendly people and shops on left As you climb out of the village good tar starts 250 256 Top of climb Харлово – cafe on right serving hot food in a canteen. Shops. The road leaves the village and follows the right side of the river. Just as it looks like the road is climbing away from the river..... Left turn signposted Краcнощеково, the road crosses a bridge and eventually reaches the town. Town starts, shops etc Road goes through town and then follows a great row of trees – good for camping if you have water. Highest point after several climbs and false summits Kyрья starts – follow road Bridge Hotel (large cream new looking building) opposite corner on crossroad to friendly shop Bare right to Ивановка, there is a sign but it faces the other way for traffic entering from the border (if you head south from here you will be going to the other border post – also open for tourists) Top of hill (360m) road bends left and descends. There is about half tar, half dirt on this road Ивановка starts Bridge – road bends South and Tar stops. Road is OK – often the side tracks are better Таловка starts Tar road – messy in parts, but a lot better than the dirt Meets dirt road – turn right. It then climbs slowly. This could be tar soon as they are building a new road from Руьшовск (Rubshovsk) Варшава + bridge over river Building road – some bits OK Perfect tar road starts Руьшовск sign says that town has started Still no town but a bridge – turn right and follow the road and then it bends left. The first big road that you cross with a central reservation – is the main road. Turn right. Big square with Lenin statue. Hotel is on the square – large building. They wouldn't let us stay there (“Your registration is incorrect” - which it wasn't – no hassle at border) Maybe they will sack the old witch that sent us away. There are loads of small ads in the local papers with flats to rent by the night for about 400R – find someone nice to help. OR camp just before town OR 13km past town towards the border there is a truckstop / hotel – find the road near the railway station and follow it south. It is parallel with the other main road only further West 261 268 295 301 304 305 306 318 323 324 341 343 349 355 360 373 393 397 399 You will need the Altaiski Krai (АЛТАЙCKИЙ КРАЙ) area mapbook – available in Biysk)


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