The best cycling shop in Iran – Neyshabur (130km from Mashhad)

IMG_3696 Just over the mountains from Mashhad is the small town of Neyshabur where miraculously there lives a thriving community of cyclists, thanks to one ex-Olympic cyclist who lives there and trains cyclists at the Sports Institute.

There is also a thriving weekend cycling group and a fantastic shop with all the spares that anyone could ever need and an excellent mechanic. They even had Schwalbe tyres and 36 spoke wheels and hubs.

The owner doesn't speak much English but is very helpful and has friends who speak and read English well. You can email him for help at: fix538@yahoo.com IMG_3689

We also managed to stay at the Sport’s Institute in one of their dormitories for free while we got a new rear wheel for Isabelle’s bike – it was the compromise one we bought in Kathmandu to replace my broken wheel rim and the spokes kept breaking. Isabelle is now really happy with her 36 spoke Alex rims.

IMG_3699 Masoud was the cyclist that we were put in touch with by Mahdi in Mashad and he helped us out loads, sorting out our accommodation and even escorting us 20km out of town as we headed into the desert.


Iranian’s are the best!!




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