A tour of Neyshabur with Masoud and Mohammed, our fantastic hosts

IMG_3659A friend in Mashhad had put is in touch with Masoud, a cyclist in Neyshabur. When our wheel broke again, he came and picked us up and took us into town to sort everything out, found us a room at the Sport’s Institute and then gave us a great tour of the city.

Masoud was very proud of being Iranian and wanted to show us the best that the city had to offer.


Masoud and Mohammed were really great and if Mohammed’s enthusiasm and energy were amazing considering he’d worked all night at a gas station before he met us.

First we visited the museum, where the staff were really friendly and helpful:

IMG_3652 IMG_3653

There was a great collection of a stuffed animals plus a potato shaped like a dog and a gruesome human foetus:

IMG_3655 IMG_3658

Then we visited an old Caravanserai:


Then finally a Mausoleum on the edge of town:

IMG_3665 IMG_3675



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