The end of the ride…the adventure’s over – our final post

IMG_0453 Finally we reach the end. We’ve had our adventures and made loads of friends, especially in Iran, and over the last 12 months we’ve learned so much about the world, about different societies, cultures, languages, history and about how all these disparate people deal with life in the varied regions through which we’ve cycled. Mongolia, Pakistan and Iran were highlights but everywhere was interesting in it’s own way.

We’ve had time to reflect upon the things we’ve seen, to bore people with our experiences (they did make the mistake of asking) and increasingly to spend more and more time following the valiant attempts of the Iranian people to get the freedom that they all wish for and so deserve. ‘Where is their vote?’

We’re starting to crave bacon, sausages, different clothes, a little bit of consumerism and we miss our friends and family. We’re not really sure where home is so we’re off to England and then Canada before heading off to Dubai to teach there for two years.

The route guides should be good for a few years of cycling so feel free to make use of them, visa info changes constantly so make use of the Thorn Tree on Lonely Planet of you need more up to date info. Feel free to email us for information using the email link if you’re thinking about cycling anywhere along this route yourself and want advice. If you use the guides and they’re wrong then let us know and we’ll update them.

Thanks for reading and a huge thanks to all our friends who helped us while we’ve been away….Jules, Jo and Rob, you’re all absolute stars.

Simon Taylor and Isabelle Bedard        June 2009



  1. AWWWWWWWWWWW ... Come back to Hong Kong while you're working in Dubai!

  2. All good things come to an end. It was a pleasure meeting you guys along the way and will be missing your travelstories at @ blogspot.

    All the best in Dubai and please let us know when you're planning to hit the road again...

    Jenn & Don

  3. Jenn and Don
    We lost your email address so please contact us through the website link and we'll get back to you. We met many people who'd met you on our travels through Iran.

  4. hey Mr.T

    i've been looking at your blog from time to time but didn't really get a chance to comment.
    Hearing that you have finished makes me realise how time flies!
    hope you had loads of fun!