Kelebekler Vadisi – Butterfly Valley - a Turkish paradise

We’re at the end of our journey and have reached our final destination for this cycle ride. We’d always intended to get to Butterfly Valley and now we’re here it’s absolutely magic.

It’s changed, there are new tree houses, people here have changed but the valley is still beautiful.

I first discovered this place about 18 years ago and have been coming back every year or two to relax and switch off from the world of work in the UK.

About 25 years ago a farmer from one of the local village perched high up on the cliffs, sold the orange and lemon tree covered valley to a private person who promptly chopped down all the trees ready to develop the valley for mass tourism.
The end of the valley was (and still is) a breeding site for thousands of butterflies and luckily the land was then bought by a co-operative of Turks with the sole idea of preventing it from being developed. They managed to get the land protected by law and each year one of the co-op runs a small eco friendly camp and restaurant in the valley for a few months in the summer. You can camp on the beach or stay in wooden ‘tree houses’ but no-one can build any permanent structures so nothing much changes, especially when huge storms destroy most of the wooden huts every winter.
With all the rain that Turkey has had this spring, the valley is lush and more beautiful than ever, the waterfalls at the end of the valley are poring with water and climbing up to the top waterfall has become even more exciting.

Here’s some more photos from in the valley and also from George House and some of the coastal paths above the valley:


  1. Looks beautiful. but why are the houses on stilts? ...


  2. Hi Malc...it's cooler, snakes and creepy crawlies don't get in and there's a chance that the things that normally destroy wood in this environment, ants and termitey things take longer to destroy it. We sleep in a tent on the beach (the silver one) so what do we know!

  3. Hello les amis.

    I have just seen your video about Bayno's leaving and I am still in stiches.

    Your pitures and videos are amazing as are your blogging ability.

    What are your plans for the immediate future??

    As for me, I have no plans to leave yet and am looking forward to running the Gold Coast marathon in Aus in July.

    Where will you be this summer?

    Have been thinking about you guys, especially on AYP. Your legacy lives on no doubt. Isabelle, tu nous manques vachement bordel!!!


    You may know a few so should I add from WIS era.

  4. That makes sense. I was imagining flash floods or something......

    Congratulations and commiserations on reaching the end of the trip. It's been fun following you on the blog and you've certainly opened my eyes to a part of the world I know next to nothing about.

    Take time to enjoy being able to stop, and start another blog somewhere to let us know what you're doing. Look forward to seeing you in HK at some point