Ger hospitality

Everywhere we cycle we are always being invited into people's gers for food and salty milk tea (surprisingly good when you've been sweating a lot)

Sunday is a bad day because all the men seem to spend the whole day drinking home distilled spirits. In one of the pictures you can see one of the family passed out on the floor (snoring). People live in such close proximity, no privacy etc. it takes a bit of getting used to, but they are so friendly and helpful despite the alcohol.

If it wasn't for the women I don't know how Mongolia would cope with the drunken men. No-one is ever really aggressive like in Western societies, they're a very passive and completely out of it kind of drunk. They lie their on the floor in the streets while we clean our bicycles.

The gers always have meat hanging up drying, yogurt or cheese doing the same and loads of colourful furniture.


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