We've finally completed the Trans-Mongolia cycle route

After 21 and a bit days of cycling, and 4 rest days we have finally reached Olgii in the far west of Mongolia after starting in Ulaan Baatar nearly a month ago.

We cycled a total of 1723km of which about 1600km was on dirt roads. We are completely knackered and for some reason every meal I eat now, seems to be equal to about 3. I also sleep easily for 11 hours or more.

We nearly managed to get to Olgii on the 21st day but the roads were so bad they defeated us and despite having no food left we had to camp 20km before Olgii. We just couldn't face the 16km up hill with nowhere to camp.

We starved in a beautiful campsite by a river - milk powder as our only food source:

 The following morning we rode up a terrible track and eventually after a boring dreary climb we got our first view of Olgii:

After 15 minutes of descent we were eating huge plates of food.
After a few days rest we will head off to the corner of China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia and then to the Russian border.

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