The Mongol rally arrives in Olgii

Today lots of cars from the Mongol rally arrived in Olgii - they crossed the border from Russia last night and we managed to get hold of a Russian map which was a result. They also got loads of route info from us. They were all in small engined cars and about to try and cross the dirt roads of Mongolia. They should have fun.

Anybody can enter providing they pay a small sum of money and they can really only use a 1 litre engined car.
Most people know nothing about cars but some are more organised. Most people travel in teams of similar cars in case they get stuck.

One of them even took a photo of the two of us. So we took a photo of it as well:



  1. Thanks so much for the info of this. They seem to have more destination such as Africa so will check on that. Bit drag is you have to start from Europe. Buy a car etc. Not sure how easy for a Japanese and a Canadian couple living in HK to organize it but will check. Good thing is you get to do with loads of other ppl to help you. :)

  2. You look far too tanned and relaxed.