Sand everywhere..... the dunes seem like they're encroaching

We've learned to hate the sand - it just makes cycling impossible.
It looks beautiful.....but!!!!!!



  1. Hey! Thanks for the email. Thought replying to this one to save your time opening your email account in slow-internet country. Looks like you guys are sure opening this one every time you can find a dear internet access! Amazing you can go thru Mongolia within a month by bike! If I wanna travel longer I should go with my 'sand dune proof' roller blade or something.. No, we wont motor bike there as we saw in LWR series it looks impossible for those who are not equipped with practical motor bike knowledge. Guess you are fed up with muttons now enjoy other foods in... wherever you go next. (don't like muttons, what should I eat in Mongolia?)
    I miss road trips. Packing unpacking everyday and it becomes your life. Enjoy whilst you can!
    Saw more photos on Flickr when I up-loaded my travel photos. Great ones. We are having typhoon signal 8 day (whole day) in HK and the power of it is quite amazing. Take care. :)

  2. Forgot to ask... so did you make it to the wrestling festival in Mongolia? (like as saw in LWR?)