Cycling from Mongolia to Russia - Border crossing between Bayan Olgii (Mongolia) and Kosh Agach (Russia)

We have spoken to many people in Ulaan Baatar and scoured the web for info:

This border is open for foreign tourists (Ewan McGregor crossed the other way in 'The Long Way Round') but there is no public transport across the border area. We intend to cycle across the border and will update the info here.

There are no permits needed for this border area although you have to register in Kosh Agach or within 3 days of entering Russia. There are a few other places along the road where registration can be done.

We have been told that it isn't essential to have a visa support letter detailing your route as long as you have the visa. We will see.

In Olgi there is internet and also the possibility of flights to Astana.


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  1. Hey Guys,

    Just to let you know I am closely following your progress. Currently in Sintra (Portugal) looking out across the valley as Georgie frolics on her playmat in the early morning. Doing a spot of birdwatching too!

    Good luck and will speak soon