We've finally arrived in Ulaan Baatar

We've only just arrived in Ulaan Baatar - they've had riots and killings over an election - lots of rumours going around about why. It's very calm and peaceful now.

It took us three days altogether and we had to spend 2 nights in Beijing while the 'Bad Weather' cleared - the government weren't allowing anyone in or out!

Isabelle put a bike chain in her carry on luggage which the over efficient airport staff confiscated, apparently it's a dangerous weapon - we had a few tears! (lots in fact) - it was all a bit too much. Never put any bike parts in your carry-on luggage - they're even suspicious of spanners.

We're now having to get another chain DHL's to us from HK. Isabelle also left a Lonely Planet on our airport trolley (although she says it was me who did it - easy to do with no sleep for two days) Luckily our 11 pieces of luggage (8 panniers, two bikes and a tent) all arrived so we're quite content really.

This morning we managed to steal a whole buffet breakfast each from a posh hotel by eating while we wandered around, avoiding the hotel staff who were trying to get our room number. We put 5 hard boiled eggs in our pockets, but I managed to stop Isabelle putting toast in hers. She says she's taking a bag with her tomorrow!!
It was such fun! We've also managed to replace the LP and had a nice coffee.

We found a really good outdoor shop just off Peace Avenue - called Seven Summits - they sell gas, stoves, maps, guide books and speak good English. They have some bike spares - inner tubes and general maintenance stuff but none of the bikes here have more than 7 gears on the rear cog - so no useful chains. There's also a market that sells bicycle parts and people reckon that if you get really stuck they often have parts from stolen bicycles which might be useful in an emergency.

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  1. I'm agree with Isabelle, Simon probably left the Lonely planet in the airport HIHIHI
    Marie-J XXX sister of Isabelle and very proud of Simon and Isa for this big slowdown!