Our apartment in UB

We're staying in an old Soviet block on the 3rd floor not far from the centre of the city. They all have about 6 floors and a huge central courtyard with swings and basketball courts. There's often shops on the ground floor round the outside of the blocks and it seems quite a good way of accommodating people in cities - people work not far from where they live and it doesn't feel as dead as housing estates in the UK, or anywhere near as threatening.

Inside it's a bit functional and a little 1970s with extra beds everywhere and only two plates for eating off. It belongs to the mother of some people who run the Golden Gobi guest house and is costing us $18 a night which is superb.

Front Room

We're leaving soon once we pick up our bicycle chain from DHL tomorrow and also our visa extensions from the Office for Foreigner Registrations, so maybe only one more night.


We will miss it........


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