Half way and knackered

We've finally mad it half way... it's taken us about 9 and a half days to do the 860km so far. The roads are getting worse - today's was the worst ever - riding through sand and then following it with rocks and then dried earth, then hardened grit and limestone, then grass...this is meant to be the easy bit!! Ha Ha

45km in 5 hours will not get us very far and there's no way our bikes could cope with that for the rest of the journey. At the moment we're in Tosontsengel with very slow (but working) internet. We expect to get there in about a week.

The people are amazing, the landscapes incredible and our campsites are almost unbelievable. We've had 2600m passes, desert, rocky mountains, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, wide valleys and steppes.

We've met one other tourist - Michael Brown....we even know his name:

Today we went to the river, cleaned our bikes and bodies and feel almost refreshed enough for the next hard 7 days. There are no showers anywhere, so the river has to do.

We will post more when we get to Ulaangom - so many amazing photos and thoughts need to be shared (road surface pictures in all their variety, Why the Chinese are short sighted, How to make cheese, How do Mongolian's avoid scurvy? What's the best way to ride in sand.

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