More cyclists on the road

On the way into Tsetserleg we met two French cyclists who, like us had been affected by the Chinese visa restrictions. They'd intended to cycle through China but had had to fly over and content themselves with a tour of Mongolia.

It was almost a magic moment, they were just finishing their trip and we were just starting and we met almost at the top of a hill under an arch entering the town.

They were Ludo and Elisabeth and it was just fantastic to see someone else doing what we were doing. We got a bit nerdy about bikes and examined each others bikes (theirs were SURLY) and they told us some great routed they'd found that aren't on all the maps. Unfortunately they'd done a loop around Mongolia and hadn't been right to the West.....so no more information than that....but hey!!

Elisabeth and Ludo - More cyclists

On our cycle out of Ulaan Baatar we also met two French couples travelling in cool van/truck/4-Wheel drives who'd actually been through the border posts we are attempting to go through. They also had no trouble in the Altai region of Russia and absolutely loved it there. Very reassuring!


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  1. well done guys- loving the updates! Hope the padded pants are serving you well ;-) Lots of love