And they're off!

Yesterday we went and spent the day at Laguna de Aculeo, a man-made lake used by windsurfers with a really nice shaded grassy area under trees. Mark and Mandi also turned up which was great, although we really spent the day Leo minding. It was hot, but by 4pm the wind picked up and by 8pm it was fresh again...the climate here is fantastic!

After a perfect few days with Jose and Becca, playing with their hilarious kids, Sam and Diego, and getting Leo used to pushy 2 and 4yr olds, it was finally time to leave. Becca eventually gave us a lift about 30km south so that we could actually start riding our bikes and reach our next destination before dark. We were aiming for Aldo and his family in the foothills of the Andes, a recommended host from Warm Showers.

Finally we said our goodbyes and off we went, 2min later we realised my handlebars were loose, at the 10km point I got a rear puncture, at 30km Leo demanded a walk and a play in a town park littered with glass and cigarette butts...relaxing! At 42km we reached the hill of hell, 500m of climbing in 8km, at 44km Leo demanded food at a local restaurant but then threw it on the floor. At 52km in the dark we finally reached the top, hot and knackered, at 56km my front inner tube exploded on a fast, long descent.....after 3km of pushing the bike to avoid waking up Leo by stopping and mending the tyre, we finally reached Aldo's house....10pm is too late to finish! My arse hurt like hell from pedalling hard up hill pulling 45kg of baggage, son and trailer. Why do we do this?

Within 20min Leo was in his bed, our expected campsite had become a little ensuite outhouse, we were given a beer and Lasagne by Aldo and life was much better. Aldo's 3yr old son Silvestre had stayed awake to meet us all which was very sweet.

We slept well!!!

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