'Ripio' roads

We have been mainly travelling on goodish tar roads all the way south but recently we have been faced with some annoying choices. 200km on good tar or 50km on dirt roads is a fairly standard one. The tar roads nearly all seem to link up with the Pan American highway in a East/West direction so our journey is causing problems.
Quiet road ripio is absolutely fine, sometimes annoying, but then almost immediately is good again. What has made our journey worse is that the government are at long last upgrading the local roads in the Los Rios and Lakes District area so many of the roads have roadworks or are covered in shingle and waiting for tar. These roads are hell. Local traffic slows down for us poor cyclists and the dust clouds are negligible, delivery trucks just blast along creating clouds of dust that last for hundreds of metres and couldn't care less about us or the few pedestrians walking along. Most of the time these back roads are peaceful but unfortunately as soon as they are good they get bad again!

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