Perfect start to 2014

We are staying in an amazing place with lovely people about 20min drive from central Santiago.

Jose and Beka and their two kids Sam and Diego live on a Cherry farm and also run a horticultural business supplying plants to major landscaping projects. Isabelle discovered them by accident on a forum for expat mums and recognised Beka's name as someone she knew from years ago in New Zealand, a relative of close friends. Beka picked us up in her truck and we had a great New Year's outside in their beautiful garden.

We also met some of their friends, amongst them Mark and Mandi who came here 7 years ago to go snowboarding and never left. Mandi helped us out a lot with route ideas and we're gradually picking up some ideas about how Chile works and where we should be heading.

Feeling chilled and nearly over our awful 37 hour journey from Stavanger.

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