Lago Riñihue

On our way south from Lago Calafquen we saw a sign for a hotel on the shore of Lago Riñihue. We were intrigued because the road finished at the outflow of the lake and another road started on the other side and these two roads would cut 70km off our journey and allow us to miss out travelling along the Ruta Cinqo, the main highway south (part of the Pan-American highway). We wondered if there was a way across the river, maybe one for people but not cars. When we arrived we discovered that there was, but it was just a cable with a suspended pair of seats below it, and it was locked! Probably a good thing! The hotel was on the shore of the lake and had amazing grounds, owned by a family of French descent, and while it was a little expensive for us, proved to be a brilliant place for Leo to play. He just roamed the grounds like a wild child, played in the lake, climbed rocks and tree roots while we chilled.

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